In Person Color Analysis in New York, NY
In Person Color Analysis in New York, NY
In Person Color Analysis in New York, NY
In Person Color Analysis in New York, NY
In Person Color Analysis in New York, NY
In Person Color Analysis in New York, NY

In Person Color Analysis in New York, NY

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NEW ADDRESS: 123 W 81st #BF

What is included?

  • In Person Color Consulting in NYC at the location specified above. 
  • Find what is your personal color palette and how to apply it to Clothes, Accessories, Makeup and Hair. 
  • A color swatch fan to take home.
You will get information about your:
  • Contrast
  • Undertone/Temperature
  • Brightness/Value
  • Saturation/Chroma

What are the expected results?

  1. SAVE MONEY: Shopping will become easier. Avoid costly mistakes by purchasing items that do not compliment your complexion. Coordinate clothing and accessories with greater ease and choose the best colors for makeup and hair.
  2. LOOK GOOD PHYSICALLY: The correct color selections will enhance your natural beauty, making you appear healthier and even younger.  The wrong colors will draw attention to flaws such as wrinkles or uneven skin tones.
  3. GAIN CONFIDENCE: By knowing that the colors that you're wearing are the ones that flatter and make you look your best version. When people feel good, they are more confident, they stand straighter, they smile more and even speak with more conviction.


1- When checking out, please give us a phone number and email address to be contact at. 

2- This is a final sale. In case you can't make to your appointment, we will do our best to reschedule it, but canceled appointments won't be refunded. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Catherine Richardson
Fun Time With My Daughter

Mariana was delightful and we had a great experience with her. She was kind and patient and sweet. She took the time to go through each of our color palettes and was helpful with make-up and hair color as well.

Yami Hernandez
Learned something new!

My call analysis was with Mariana. She was sweet and informative. I learned something new about the colors that favor me best and plan to add some new colors to my wardrobe. ☺️

Laura Merejo
I loved it!

I got my analysis done with Sophia. I am very happy with the results, she was kind and explained everything thoroughly.

Staci Kramer
Great Experience

My color analysis with Sophia was very enlightening! I’ve spent the last 20+ years wearing the wrong makeup and colors because I assumed I had a cool undertone; I have fair skin and blue veins. Turns out the vein test isn’t accurate and I have a warm undertone.

Sophia was very patient, friendly and informative. I had a great time and am now able to revamp my makeup and wardrobe.

With just a few changes, my husband has been able to tell the difference and keeps telling me that I look like I’m glowing.

Jocelyn Gonzalez
Eye Opening Experience!

For many years, I assumed I had olive/warm undertones and wore colors that didn't flatter me. Then, I had my color analysis done with Mariana and I was shocked to find out that I am actually a Bright Winter! Mariana explained everything in depth, including my hair color, what jewelry and makeup looks good on me as well. I highly recommend The Outfit Curator.