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Location: 303 5th Ave, 17th Floor, Suite 1703

What is included?

  • 1-on-1 In Person Color Consulting in NYC at the location specified above. For in-home services, please contact us.
  • Find what is your personal color palette and how to apply it to Clothes, Accessories, Makeup and Hair. 
  • A color card to take home.

You will get information about your:

  • Contrast
  • Undertone/Temperature
  • Brightness/Value
  • Saturation/Chroma

What are the expected results?

    1. SAVE MONEY: Shopping will become easier. Avoid costly mistakes by purchasing items that do not compliment your complexion. Coordinate clothing and accessories with greater ease and choose the best colors for makeup and hair.
    2. LOOK GOOD PHYSICALLY: The correct color selections will enhance your natural beauty, making you appear healthier and even younger. 
  1. The wrong colors will draw attention to flaws such as wrinkles or uneven skin tones.
  2. GAIN CONFIDENCE: By knowing that the colors that you're wearing are the ones that flatter and make you look your best version. When people feel good, they are more confident, they stand straighter, they smile more and even speak with more conviction.


1- When checking out, please give us a phone number and email address to be contact at. 

2- This is a final sale. In case you can't make to your appointment, we will do our best to reschedule it, but canceled appointments won't be refunded. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing!!!! Time and Money well spent!!

I’m so over the moon with my experience with Mariana! I loved my color analysis session! I learned exactly which colors were best for me and left with a better understanding of how to enhance my current wardrobe! The process was fun, exciting, and very informative! We also explored makeup options that complimented me best and will definitely help me not waste money in the future! I’m a warm spring and totally ready to embrace the palette that makes my skin pop! Thank you so much Mariana for a lovely appointment, I wish you nothing but success and happiness!

Sarah Hague
The best!

I loved getting my colors done. It has completely changed how I shop and curate my outfits. I’m so glad I invested in this!


My appointment with Mariana was a super positive experience and I'm encouraging my friends from various parts of the country to book sessions with her when she comes to their region. I don't have an eye for this kind of thing, but Mariana explained everything thoroughly and showed me the most flattering fabric and makeup colors for me. It's empowering knowing how to enhance my look instead of accidentally undermining some of my positive qualities. The whole process was a pleasure.

Sophia Li
Super Sweet!

Mariana is super sweet and helpful. She explains everything along the way, and is very knowledgeable. She’s very friendly and a lovely person! She laid out all the colors that worked out for me so I could see everything. Also showed me a super useful phone application for colors. Would definitely recommend!

Irene Kim
Thank You!

It was a great experience to have a color analysis from Mariana! She answered all my questions and helped me get the most information out of the session. She explained everything and also let me take pictures and notes so that I can keep the information for future notice. I feel like I did something not only for my present self but for my future self, so it definitely was a treat. I really liked how she helped me found a concealer shade that worked for my skin tone since I've always struggled to find the right base makeup. Thank you Mariana! It was a pleasure :)